Established in year 2000, GFI is one of the most cutting edge, creative and future-oriented interior fit-out companies in Dubai. We offer high-end, custom-tailored interior designing solutions to a robust and diverse portfolio of clients which run the gamut of retail stores, hospitality outlets and commercial spaces.

Our working philosophy is laser focused and specific on design, which is the guiding light for all our creative undertakings. We’re interested in offering wide ranging options based on our client’s personal taste and unique sense of style. We’re interested in wedding our clients’ imagination with our experience and expertise to bring their dreams into reality.

Everybody has a hidden artist inside and we like our clients to indulge in the creative process by providing conceptual design tasters and tonal prototypes, to give them a tangible hands-on feel of the final design.

Elegant taste and breathtaking design within the realm of execution is our driving principle, which we bring together by combining art with efficiency. Our highly qualified and trained artisans deliver staggering designs of multiple varieties and we follow strict on-time delivery adherences at highly competitive prices.

We believe in the power of joining forces and bringing ideas into reality−With you, our artisans, and engineers and craftsmen working together in synchronization, we can create timeless marvels of beauty and refinement.

We here at GFI tackle a lot of variables while bringing your dreams into fruition but our guiding principles always remain unchanging and resolute. Our work philosophy, like a compass to a brave and far-thinking adventurer, lets us navigate the wilderness of design options and lock into the one that satisfies you the most.

Our primary credo is based around our design philosophy − That design can change minds. We endeavor to come up with fresh, ground breaking and sublime designs that take our client’s breath away. We aim to please and inspire awe with our fluid, textured and detailed design concepts which seamlessly balance the new with the traditional. Our agenda is to provide multiple options to clients so they never feel like they’re missing out.

Secondly, we encourage creative participation during the design creation phase. We want our clients to experience the process with us by giving us notes and feedback, so they feel more involved and engaged as our customers. It also helps us filter out bad designs and get them exactly what they want, and more. They say that a client always comes between excellent work. We have never had any such experiences with ours.

Among our core values, integrity stands above all and it goes both ways − Us and the people we work for. We are a people oriented company and that fiber is inter-woven across all our business operational threads. Right from getting the best people for the job, assessing the optimum suppliers, delivering time bound commitments, even to qualifying the right clients and projects; we leave no stone unturned in terms of upholding professional ethics.

We have established till now that we are a people oriented commercial business with creative rooting and with a strong sense of integrity and a professional value system. But the real question that you would be asking is how does it happen? How do we align our spirit and values and bring them into action? Because at the end of the day, it’s the tools, techniques, practices and approaches that lead to successful projects not flowery claims.

Aside from our stellar designs, we also specialize in planning and execution because that’s what it’s all about -Executing a vision to its truest form. Being a modern, adaptable and pro-tech firm we embrace new technologies and latest gadgetry to deliver projects quickly and as streamlined as possible.

We employ techniques such as 3D mapping, Photoshop and Auto CAD to give you a real-time and up close glimpse into the project being developed in the planning stage. We have engineers who are well adept at project scheduling/management by using industry practices such as PERT and CPM. We also enable risk aversion and hedging schemes in form a robust and resilient risk management plan so that we always land on our feet. The plan acts as a set of guidelines to identify contingent risks and mitigate them at the earliest possible time.

Also, you can be rest assured that we’ll walk side by side when it comes to procuring and employing only the most high quality, top of the shelf materials and craftsmanship for you − Right from discussing the features you’re seeking, to sending you samples on a regular basis so that we’re both on the same page in terms of where we’re heading in the project. Our transparent system combined with high quality workmanship will leave no room for discrepancies and unfulfilled expectations. A smooth, well-oiled collaboration is what we excel in.

It’s no secret, the earth’s resources are extremely scarce and in an effort to contribute in whatever little way we can to help, we take sustainable development very seriously. Our designs follow a very eco-friendly and resource responsible philosophy and we constantly promote recycling of old furniture made out of natural materials as it is also friendly on the pocket. We want your commercial spaces to be naturally lit, with natural air and equipped with thorough ventilation and ample free space to cultivate a more healthy and organic vibe.

We use non-toxic paints to temper and smooth finish your walls and employ hazard free renovation practices to ensure that you and your environment is completely wholesome and safe to conduct business under.

In addition to that, we also follow simple, basic yet very valuable practices which might flow under the radar for the clients but end up helping them out immensely − Purchasing licensed and approved wood, separate compressors for different refrigerating needs which result in tremendous savings. We have also embraced the digital age by having paperless transactions and relying on digital applications for records and communication.

Strategic Partners

M/S International Interiors, Kuwait. A very well reputed company in Kuwait involved in the design and construction of interior projects on a turnkey basis. The company has completed over 600 projects in past 20 years. www.i-interiorsq8.com.