Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the epicenter of public consumption in modern society and if given the right space, with proper planning and implementation, it can be a comfortable and secure space for customers to buy groceries and essentials. We have been working with a large variety of supermarket chains across different varieties so we are well aware of the different challenges in designing the layout and structure to ensure maximum ease and comfort in maneuverability.

We make sure your aisles and shelf grids and stacks are neatly and evenly aligned with ample space to navigate through them. We provide different layout structures based on the kind of target segment and products you are promoting. It is essential to have ample space for the customers to move and roll trolleys so we make sure there is no intersection between different grocery sections. The check-out counters are also designed to ensure quick and easy payment without clogging up the queues.

Also, we specialize in executing beauty and cosmetic concepts like cosmetic sections, beauty stands and personal care kiosk installations. By planning and budgeting for the right kind of space for these installations, we ensure maximum and smooth traffic and the customers get the best cosmetic shopping experience across the board.